Monday, November 2, 2009

SUPER halloween

SUPER Lion and SUPER Fix it Man will save the DAY! The most adorable lion and the cutest daddy wannabe made their way around the neighborhood and collected a fair amount of candy on Saturday night. Unfortunately, those little guys can always use a hand and we weren't invited to walk down the street with cute little humans (Not to mention the fact that we LOVE little humans and would have been a little WILD!). Colton and Beckett's buddies Maddie and Eli came over as a unicorn and a HOTDOG. The hotdog costume was a hit- and everyone wanted to eat him up! Well please leave comments and tell Emma to get working on our capes. We are SUPER dogs, after all. Addie finds a way most nights recently how to position herself on the couch no matter what barriers Emma and Jon place for her. And Jenga's superbark definitely wards off evildoers from the Joersz home- especially that blasted UPS man (Though she did manage to sleep through someone opening our car door one night this week and taking our ipod and gps....)


Lacey said...

this post is just too full of adorable-ness. Yes, I wrote that. Adorableness. And the hotdog. Oh my!

bethwright said...

no more british directions??? good thing you were doing some practicing on the trip to black mountain :)

tara said...

How CUTE!!! Love the hotdog! Sorry about the theft!