Friday, December 4, 2009

Highlights of our trip to Texas

We doggies were not allowed to fly out to Texas with our family for Thanksgiving this year. We're not holding it against them, just saying that Jessica made the effort to drive down with her pups and they had a great time spending time with our family. In this blog post, we're going to pretend we got to have fun in Texas...

Jessica and the boys. Suprisingly Emma didn't take any pictures of Banter and Taupper!

Grannie and Grandpa with the boys. I think we bribed Colton with dessert here...

We went down to Temple to spend Thanksgiving day with family and had a great time!

Zane and Maddie kept the boys entertained and they had a great time together. Zane even taught Colton how to tackle his mommy. Hmm.... Thanks Zane!

Here's Jessica and Al when we went to the Botanical Gardens to take family pictures. It was a beautiful place!

The boys loved playing with Jeremy and Chillon. The boys quickly warmed up to Chillon when she gave them a piece of gum. GUM is their favorite these days! Beckett finally keeps it in his mouth now.

A goofy family photo. Those are always fun.

The boys' favorite activity in Texas was a train ride in Fort Worth. We went twice and the train went through the park, across a river and under another (real) train track. They thought it was great!

Besides the trains, an all week favorite activity was playing in the leaves in Ima and Papa's backyard. Neighbor kids came over.
They ran, jumped, hid in & threw all over- wonderful fall leaves!


Casssie Wright said...

I adore the candid with great-grands! *****

Riley and Emma said...

Let's see....

I love the photos.

Can that cute hat Cole is wearing be passed down to my son please?

I think the photo of the entire extended family is great - and it makes me laugh. Look at it again. You and Jon are super cozy in that photo. Your kids are all with other people so you guys are getting in a little extra attention there - eh? With kids around, I guess you get that whenever it is available. haha!

And I think the photo of Jessica and her dad is just so beautiful in every way - totally one for a frame.

Riley and Emma said...

oh - hahha my post said it was from Riley and Emma. That's hysterically funny to me right now.

It's from me - Lacey!