Monday, December 28, 2009


We just had a lovely 4 day Christmas celebration as a family. It was very nice and relaxing! We pups got some new pink collars (our other ones were STINKY! In fact, WE are stinky and need baths too- get on that, EMMA!) The boys loved opening presents this year (Cole especially), and moved from one present to the next very quickly. We read the story of Jesus' birth from Cole's new Bible. When we woke up in the morning, it was raining very hard. Cole asked, "Is it raining because God poured a cup of water down?"

It's been fun to have Jon home for 4 whole days and not be traveling! I'm sure we won't always have Christmases like this one, but I do hope that we will try to be still and remember why we're celebrating in years to come!

Favorite gift for each kid?
Colton- Legos. He loves those things! (And Jon had a fun time assembling them too!)
Beckett- Chapstick. He'd carry that thing around and put it on all day if he could. He's so proud to have his own.

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tara said...

Those boys are precious! Merry Christmas Joersz Fam!