Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing Puppies

One of the boys' favorite things to do right now is play "puppy." They like to pretend to take puppy naps and then wake up and jump up and lick and bark and play. It's cute.

Beckett LOVES us pups. He always remembers to give us attention and hugs. WE LOVE BECK. And he's funny too. This evening, as the boys were playing upstairs with daddy and getting ready for bed, Beckett stole Cole's PJs and laughed hysterically about it.

With all the children leaving Jacksonville and heading up north, our family must have accidentally brought home one of the Keigley children! Bergen stayed with us for a couple days and we all enjoyed having him! Cole & Berg are quickly becoming best buds. They played so well...and even though Beckett felt left out sometimes, they all enjoyed hanging out together.

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Lacey said...

Man - it took me several days to realize Berg was missing!