Sunday, June 20, 2010


Cole's favorite ride...look at that excitement!

Did you all know that Ima Carol is in town? We are having so much fun with her (despite the fact that when she's here, our family goes out and does fun things and leaves us in the backyard...we don't mind though, really.) On Saturday, they went to Carowinds and the boys had a blast! Through the heat and crowds, they had so much fun riding rides and taking it all in. At first, Colton seemed a little hesitant about the bigger rides. But Jon convinced him to go on a "train" (the Woodstock Express which is actually a fun little roller coaster) and he absolutely LOVED it. He rode it about 8 or 9 times throughout the day. Beckett's favorite things were the Woodstock gliders (which actually went really high!), the train, and he even got to go on a fun little waterslide! Next year, we know that if Beck's tall enough, those boys are gonna ride the roller coaster all day together.

One of Beck's favorites...

(Cooling off a little!)

Happy Father's Day, Jon! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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Lacey said...

I just adore the first photo of Jon and Cole. Such a fantastic moment between them.