Saturday, July 24, 2010

trips and dog hair

We have been one traveling family this summer. The boys and we doggies went back up to the Farm in Virginia this past week to spend time with Oma Sally, Papa Dale, Uncle Luke, Aunt Jessica and Isabelle. We had a great visit of boat riding, fishing, & gator rides.

Jon & Emma voyaged down to Panama City Beach, Florida with Weddington Community Church's youth group. They loved spending time with the kids and other chaperones at camp. It was an amazing experience when several kids gave their lives to Christ and got baptized in the ocean. They look forward to deepening relationships to the other people who went on the trip.

So...where will our family go in a week and a half? To Texas, of course! That should be our last trip of the summer since Colton starts preschool at the end of August. Preschool! Can you believe it? Take a look at our big boy!

And of course you need to check out our doggy lover. This child loves us more than most things- even his new lizard flashlight from Oma & Papa.

And...this looks a little wierd...but we think it's interesting. Emma cut our hair (mainly Jenga's) before our trip to VA...and it looks like she cut a dog off a dog. Enjoy your day.


Lacey said...

Aww - that shot of Cole is adorable. And such a great combo of you and Jon somehow.
I love it!

Kevin said...

I like how you are sort of in that group photo.